Ward & Company

"The Corner"

      "The Corner" is a reference to 23 Wall Street, the original site of JP Morgan and company. Today "The Corner" is a weekly article that has been written by Bart Ward since 1993. Topics covered are related Wall Street, finance and business. Over 920 columns have been written.Ward got his start as a student of Richard Ney's, writer and founder of Richard Ney & Associates. He went on to join a regional Los Angeles broker/dealer and then co-founded the investment advisory firm of Leer Pfeiffer Ward Corporation (LPW). He later founded the investment firm known as Ward & Company. He managed a branch office for Prentice-Dominick Securities. During his career he has hosted such financial television and radio programs as the Ticker Tape Report, MoneyTalk and This Is Wall Street. Ward has been published in NYSE Magazine and Financial History: The Magazine of the Museum of American Finance and has weighed in extensively on official SEC commentary, NYSE and the capital markets.