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The Premier Account seeks total returns by investing in equity securities of companies included in the Ward & Company Stock Index.  Total returns include long-term capital appreciation as the primary objective, and income as a secondary objective.

Investment Policies:

The Premier Account buys and sells equity securities diversified among individual companies and industries.

In seeking to achieve its objectives the firm invests in common stocks which it believes offer the potential for long-term capital appreciation.  Some of the factors the firm considers in making its investments are the nature and scope of a company's business, cyclical conditions, position in an evolutionary market, mergers & acquisitions, adequate fund for research and development, growing product demand, and the big block activity reported on the ticker tape.

The Premier Account is limited to companies listed in the Ward & Company Stock Index.  The firm will change the list of companies when the Dow Jones & Company replaces any the individual companies in its industrial average or the firm believes that a particular company no longer meets its standards for research and investment purposes.

A client's attitudes, objectives, risk posture and suitability determine the strategy used in managing the account.  Three basic strategies are used:

    (1) A "conservative strategy" diversifies the portfolio with twelve stocks when fully invested.  The companies chosen are higher-priced issues and have less share price volatility than more aggressive stocks.  The portfolio uses no margin or short-selling.

    (2) A "moderate strategy" diversifies the portfolio with ten stocks when fully invested.  A majority of the companies chosen are moderate to higher-priced issues relative to the general market.  The balance of the portfolio contains issues that are lower-priced and have greater volatility.

    (3) An "aggressive strategy" diversifies the portfolio with eight stocks when fully invested.  The companies chosen for an aggressively managed account often combine special reorganization situations, lower-priced issues, cyclical, high tech and aggressive growth stocks.

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